2020 Round-up

Well, what a year it has been! Nevertheless and more important did I stay on track? Due to the pandemic a couple of my items have been annulled. But the real answer is no I did not succeed at all – must do better.

1.    To read or to listen to 20 books.  (This will give me the advantage to sew while I listen.)

Reading – still reading all of the following:

Brian Blessed – Absolute Pandemonium

Simon Cooper – The Otters’ Tale

David Attenborough – Journeys to the Other Side of the World

Peter Wright – My Yorkshire Great and Small

Finished – Janice Hadlow – The Other Bennett Sister

and David Shimwell – Dining with The Durrells

Started to listen to Agatha Christie – The Complete 20 Short Stories – Christmas Present.

  2.   To continue sewing cross stitch and designing quilts, combined with learning to write a quilt pattern.

         (a)   Finish Bee Quilt  

         (b)  Finish Pirate Quilt

I have just pin basted this quilt and made a small start on quilting it. (view in another post for HQAL)

         (c)   Finish Lady Greensleeves cross stitch

        (d)   Finish Seasonal Quilt

Finished 2 x cross stitch – Dream Catcher and Teacups.

Started and nearly finished all the blocks for my Rose Window Quilt top.

3.    Learn Applique (new skill) and try my hand at Gold Work (new skill)

4.   To continue writing to penpals   (anyone wanting to be a penpal please send address details to 01daisy1966@gmail.com)

2 x letters to penpals and an email to another friend, plus Christmas Cards and presents.

5.   To go walking more/join National Trust again. Annulled.

6.   To cook from fresh more often and eat more vegetables.

Minor success

7.   To open Etsy shop.

8.   To care and appreciate more of our planet.

Hopefully I have become more aware of damaged caused to our plants and animals as we humans go about our daily lives.

9.   To finish my Novel,

10.   To finish my Poetry Book

In my defence, I have had to work throughout this pandemic and have been more tired than I imagined, therefore, less time available for all pursuits. I will try to do more next year. Honest I will!!!!!

Bye for this year. Hope we all remain safe and well.



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