SAL – 17th January 2021

Hello and Happy New Year to anyone who I haven’t said it to before.

Well at the end of last year I had my finish with the Teacups, now for my New Year reveal

I was so pleased with my “Audrey” cross stitch and had been searching for an image for my husband’s favourite person/actress – so at last I purchased the below cross stitch pdf download from “”

However, before I can begin I need to complete “Lady Greensleeves” because that is the only frame Sophia is going to fit. As you can see there is not much to do!! (Last worked on this in October 2019).

So that is my plan so far this year, who knows what we will achieve.

Please pop along to other members blogs to see what New Year adventures they have planned. Happy Stitching!




23 thoughts on “SAL – 17th January 2021

    1. I cannot wait to see how it will look when framed. What a decision that will be (green rustic frame or black frame or gold looking frame tarnished a little) who knows when I will be able to go to the picture framers.


      1. I know the feeling… Still working on my mom’s birthday stitch from years ago 🤣 She says it will be her retirement gift instead.


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