A Rose by any other name …..

Hello everyone

I’ve a Friday off – yah!!!,

So I have just spent the past hour laying out the Rose Window Quilt, moving the blocks around so that nothing was the same in any of the shapes. Here is what I consider to be my final layout. (Best laid plans and all that …..) Getting the photo was quite hard as I am not that tall so stood on step-up.

Now I have the hard decision of the border – what colour should I use. Husband thought a plain blue border. At first I thought a blue border followed by an outer red border in plain fabric, but then I thought of using black and splitting the quilt into sections to make it like a stained glass window. Any ideas would be welcome – there is a lot of colour in the quilt.

Well hope you stay safe and happy sewing on a Friday.



One thought on “A Rose by any other name …..

  1. Beautiful! I think I would audition some blue, maybe black, cream, even yellow or green. With all that color you may want to at least audition a couple of the secondary colors just to see what happens.


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