SAL – 2nd May 2021

Well Hello everybody

I hope you are well and safe. I have rested my shoulder for a whole month and not pressured myself into sewing lots, but this weekend enough time has passed and I decided little and often would get me some results and I achieved more than I thought possible. You never know unless you try.

Here is where I was last time (sometime in March I believe)

And this is what I have achieved.

As an aside – Mr M is recovering well from his surgery – so one operation done, one to go.

Why not pop along to the other projects that the members of our SAL have been doing.





11 thoughts on “SAL – 2nd May 2021

  1. That dress is filling in nicely. So glad you have been able to get back to a little bit of stitching.


  2. Glad to hear that you both sound to be on the mend, Daisy. Great progress with your project, a little progress is always going in the right direction!


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