HQAL – 18th June 2021

Hello Everyone

Well the weather is certainly changeable, the other day bright and sunny, bit too hot for me – caused a Migraine attack – but today and the next few days a deluge of rain. Good Old Blighty.

Firstly, I have been economical with the wadding for my “Daybreak quilt” in that I have sewn the remainder from the Pirate Quilt together using Herringbone Stitch and it just overlaps the quilt top by an inch so I’m not adding an extra border as suggested before. Instead I have pin basted the backing fabric and decided on a feather design for the quilting. The stripe fabric demo’d in the last picture will be used for the border.

The centre stencil – it is the bottom left design that I will use.

I have been busy in the cooler weather catching up on some sewing. I have sewn a little on the Pirate Quilt top, completing one corner quilted in a feather and crosshatch pattern and finished some rope design – time to move the hoop. I removed some quilting on the wave material and have decided to draw a wave design over the top. (No pictures of this)

On other projects have also sewn rows 1 and 2 together on the Rose Window Quilt. Amazingly the seams went together a treat. soooooo!!!! many seams – I must be mad! I think it might get trickier with more weight etc as I progress.

Well that is me for this time – please pop along to the other members projects as we all work on separate ideas.


KathyMargaretDebNanetteSharonKarrinDaisyConnie, and Sherrie


4 thoughts on “HQAL – 18th June 2021

  1. so many lovely prints in this piece ^^ and seeing a photo of your stencils reminds me I bought some years ago and have never used them! Maybe it’s time!


  2. Both of the projects are so beautiful. The Rose Window quilt is so gorgeous. Funny ~ it reminds me of jars of delicious homemade blueberry and strawberry jams πŸ™‚ Your work is lovely πŸ™‚


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