Sewing News – July 2021

Hello Everyone

As promised in my SAL news on Sunday, I have been sewing additional items not relevant to a SAL. So being me, I have started something new before finishing any of the other projects I have previously been working on, but hey why change a habit of a lifetime.

In no particular order, we begin ……….

Flower Fairy lap quilt – this is basically a large panel which is backed with a tossed image of flower fairies and will be bound by a small flower print already incorporated in the panel image. I have pin basted it ready to quilt.

Next up – Daybreak is pin basted ready to quilt and in addition to this lap quilt I have made a small cushion front using leftover 1.1/2″ squares. See photo.

Next – The Rose Window Quilt – I have nearly finished sewing all 96 blocks for this quilt top and have sewn rows 1 and 2 together and then completed rows 3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12. Row 9 and 11 have one block each to finish and then be sew together in their relevant row. No photos.

I purchased some black wadding and having bought new stash I have put together informally the following quilting ideas.

This last one will be a quilt for my husband.

Also bought some white wadding and cut it to size for the Seasonal Quilt. I have enough left to put together for the first quilt top I designed My Bee Quilt – just need to sort out backing fabric for that quilt. There is another project which I cannot give information about as the recipient sometimes reads my blog, but it is another large panel lap quilt which I intend to stitch highlighting the depiction on it. Sound mysterious doesn’t it!

Last but not least this is the new start – My Jazz Quilt which includes two half cross stitch panels that I have made but never used. The fabric behind the image might be used for the backing or I might use plain black – undecided!!!

Well that is it for now – my I am going to be busy.

Bye for now



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