Sewing Sunday

Hello everyone

As mentioned in my HQAL post I have been busy sewing these past two weeks and have completed 1 project, started a new project, and continued with existing projects.

Firstly – the completed project – a new cushion.

This was a test really to see what effect the stencils would have and I think that the stencil image is actually lost in the complex patterns on the material. The cushion cover itself was an old pillow case which I chopped the bottom off keeping the flap close end as the means of getting the infill cushion out easily. Bit off a cheat really buy made good use of an old pillowcase. I stitched the quilt pattern onto the top and batting and then tried my hand at applique – not perfect but a good effort.

I think that my Daybreak Quilt (which is the same material) will be stitched either in the ditch or just either side of the horizontal and vertical lines.

Secondly, a new cushion cover idea or a placemat idea

This is very much a work in progress.

The “Jazz Quilt” is coming along in leaps and bounds

I don’t normally go for yellow and orange but they are the colours in the cross stitch images.

Well that is me done, thanks for reading, take care



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