Taking Stock – Garden Update Sept 2021


I haven’t talked much about the garden this year so here is a quick update, we planted red geraniums all around the garden this year and they have bloomed beautifully.

The Heuchera, the dahlias and the roses followed suit and the garden still looks in full bloom. I know gardening jobs need to be done but it is a shame to move anything at the moment, so on a gorgeous sunny September morning/afternoon I just took photos. See below …..

We had also planted the chimney pots with Million Bells which are a miniature petunia and they look fantastic against the fuschia which are hardy and remain in the pots in the winter.

Also the rhododendron has started making buds which will remain dormant until the spring, along with my Pieris Forest Flame which makes tiny bracts of flowers that will open in the spring

That’s all for now



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