Sunday Sewing – Sept 26th

Hello Everybody

After having a little tidy up of my sewing area I found another large sewing frame which means I do not have to rush to finish Lady Greensleeves before I could start on the next project which you may remember is Sophia Loren for my husband. So I found the box containing the image, threads, and cream Aida which I had prepared.

( I purchased the below cross stitch pdf download from “” )

Here is the start – the area is near her lips. I work from the centre point – I know some people prefer to start at the top left.

Me being me – I can not do with just one new project so this is what I have chosen to sew in my reduced half hour lunchbreak at work. It is a Celtic Sampler by Butternut Road and I am stitching 2 over 2 on Belfast Linen. It is quite small and intricate – there are two colours stitched but the photo does not do it justce.

As you can see from the image on the right there is more to the chart – I’ve only shown the bit I started with.

(Note: Cute little needle holder – looks like the dog is carrying a stick too large for her size – as dogs sometimes do.)

On the patchwork side I have started to remove the paper templates from the Rose Window Quilt – there are so many!!!!!! I have just started to sew rows 2 and 3 together – if you remember from a previous post I think that I told you that the rows were sewed together in 2’s ie 1+2, 3+4 etc and it feels very heavy so hopefully it will not drag too much.

Also I have done some more to the small Sewing Mantra quilt/table topper.

I really liked making this especially sewing the small 1 1/2″ squares. The corner blocks just need to be attached.

I am also working on another small quilt but as it is a Christmas present and said person sometimes looks at my blog I cannot show pictures yet.

Well that is all this Sunday, bye for now



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