My Jane Austen

For a while now I have had a cross stitch quotation from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (my favourite, followed by Sense and Sensibility and Emma), which I stitched and was wondering whether to just frame it or use it in something else. Well that something else has now presented me with this

which was gorgeous, but too large for my ideas. So, and here is the tricky bit – I dissected it cutting out the centre panel and cutting the rest into diamonds or triangles. All will be used just restructured. I know some people would say sacrilege – what was she thinking – I know!! I know!!

I had already purchased The Pemberley fabric from a while back with idea of surrounding the quotation with the violin pattern

Here is the dissected panel which I have started to quilt – the birds, brown flower heads and leaves to the right of the basket have been backstitched with Aurifil 28 shade 2692 Black and the pink flowers are to be backstitched using Aurifil 50/2 shade 2230 Red Peony.

In addition to the Pemberley Fabric I also have the following from the Riley Blake fabric and some navy spotted fabric….

So I will have one panel size 18″ x 24″ and another 15″ x 18″ and the rest of the material to make into a quilt – not sure of entire pattern – or even the finished size but the backbone of my ideas are there. Just need to sit and calculate and cut up the pieces ready to be hand pieced I think. The backing fabric will be the sheet music that I used for the Jazz Quilt. (see another post for that image)

Hope you can forgive me if I’ve caused any distress – none was intended.

Lots for me to think about – brain is buzzing – must go now – must finish something before starting this for sure.



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