SAL – 28th Nov 2021

Hi Everybody

I apologise, but I do not have anything to show about Lady Greensleeves – I just haven’t pick her up to do one stitch. I have concentrated on my Christmas Present to someone, who for obvious reasons, cannot be named. I actually finished it this morning. I have also been stitching Sophia Loren so I am posting some photos of her instead.

Well that is me, why not pop along and view what our other members of this delightful SAL group have been sewing/crafting.

Bye for now




10 thoughts on “SAL – 28th Nov 2021

  1. this must be a very challenging project with all those greys, but goodness, can definitely tell it’s Sophia from that eye!


  2. This will be a stunning piece when complete Daisy. Unfortunately my eyes struggle with 1 over 1 these days and the little pieces in sampler projects are enough for me to cope with. Oh to have your young eyes again. xx


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