It’s Christmas!!

I have cooked, served and eaten the Christmas Meal and now my hubby is having a snooze in the chair after listening to the Queen’s Speech. So I have stole myself off to type this short message, include some photos and most of all to Hope and Wish you are all having a wonderful Christmas Day with lots of happy memories and present fun time which will become the memories of the future.

We had a Christmas Secret Santa at work and this is the present that I received:

Also, our I.T. company who look after our computers sent a wonderful hamper of goodies and I chose to have this Gingerbread Cup. It is so lovely to hold in your cupped hands.

So with this happy smiley face I bid you farewell for now!



2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas!!

  1. oh goodness me! I just had a quick look at a book review and I’m going to have to get this book! I grew up in Biggin Hill ^^


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