Round-up of 2021

Well what a year it has been – who knew that we would still be fighting this flu related Super Bug.

Like many people I tucked myself indoors (apart from going to paid work) and picked up the needle and sewed. Slightly unrestful I started many new projects and not finished many at all. Bought more stash than I need but it will all be used in a project.

I have made a list of all the quilts that are awaiting being cut up ready to patchwork, prepped ready to start and awaiting quilting.

Material bought but not cut up

  1. Bee Hive Quilt
  2. Stonehenge Quilt
  3. Flower/Season Quilt
  4. Bear Quilt
  5. Forest Creatures Quilt
  6. Angel Quilt
  7. Cowboy Quilt
  8. Parrot Heart Quilt

Quilts in the process of being made

  1. Seaside Quilt – started
  2. Stag Quilt – started
  3. Sewing Quilt – cut up ready to start
  4. Christmas Quilt – started
  5. Rose Window Quilt – started
  6. Hearts in a Square Dance – started
  7. Ring-A-Roses Quilt – started
  8. Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice Cross Stitch Quilt – started

Quilts awaiting Hand Quilting

  1. Pirate Quilt – started quilting
  2. Bee on Lavender Quilt
  3. Seasonal Quilt – awaiting quilting
  4. Jazz Quilt – awaiting quilting
  5. Daybreak Lap Quilt – awaiting quilting
  6. Flower Fairy Lap Quilt – awaiting quilting
  7. Snoopy Quilt
  8. Winnie the Pooh Lap Quilt
  9. Safari Quilt
  10. Tiled Quilt – awaiting quilting

On the Cross Stitch front – the same has happened

I have finished “Teacups” cross stitch

WIP – Lady Greensleeves

WIP – Sophia Loren

WIP – Robin Table Runner

PDF Downloads – Modern Folk Embroidery SAL 2021 – this is downloaded and ready to roll

PDF – John Wayne – not started

Longstitch Designs of Seasonal Flowers – Spring is done.

Seasonal Flower Cross Stitch (Spring, Summer Autumn Winter) none started

Small Projects – some work on Bookmarks

Other Sewing Projects

2 x Cushions – Finished

Needle Cases

Pin Cushions

Pot of Treats

So you can see that I have been far from lazy but just a little indecisive. He! He!

Sewing is my way of relaxing so slowly but shortly all will be completed. No rush – one stitch at a time.

One of my presents for Christmas was a new Winnie the Pooh Diary and the sentiments that follow are what I am aiming to achieve this coming year. There is something in not letting go of all your childhood traits – do you not thinks so!

Well it just leaves me to say that I wish you all the Best Year to Come in 2022 and hope and pray that everybody stays safe and well.

Love Daisy


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