Sunday Sewing Jan 22

Hi Everybody

Firstly thank you too everybody for their well wishes towards my husband. He was very frail looking when we eventually got him home but he has perked up nicely and we had the stitches removed on Friday. The three small wounds are healing nicely – no infections but he had reacted badly to the antibiotic so we have added that to his list of allergies.

I have managed to progress another quilt to the quilting stage. This time it is my “Jazz Quilt”.

The intention is to quilt just inside the sewing lines on the dotted orange fabric and the yellow gingham fabric and the same thing on the centre panel with the white music notes. The black and cream panel I may just do a chevron style or cross hatch – undecided!! The gingham may just have a straight line again not thought too much about that. The spotted material at the side is to be the binding.

Well that is it for now.



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