Sunday Sewing 30th Jan 2022

Hi Everyone

Hope you all are having a pleasant weekend sewing, crocheting or knitting etc!

I have been working on several of my projects, and have been fairly successful in my efforts despite the constant interruptions with me playing Nurse Mason, my husband is much better and feels constrained but soon he will be able venture outside and tend to his lovely garden. Thank you all for your kind messages.

Onto the sewing first up is Sophia – she is looking stunning.

Those eyes are so unique – mesmerizing!! Not sure why it looks blue, it is on white 14 count Aida and she is stitched in various shades of gray and cream.

Next I played around with the Honey Bee Quilt with Gail Pan centre. I have sewn together one of the side panel 9 patch blocks and half sewn a middle block that is breaking up the 9 patch effect.

I love these designs – so cute centre pieces. The other 9 patch block will have green and yellow designs and there is another block like the bottom one in mustard yellow and the yellow/blue fabric. Photo next time.

Thirdly, I started to quilt the Flower Fairy Quilt. Basically I am planning to stitch around the circle pieces and then the two borders. The circle and outside border will be in grey as shown and the inner box border is sewn with Aurifil variegated thread 40/2 No. 3817. It is a pink/green/yellow/cream colour.

Does anyone think I should stitch around the fairies? How much is too much or how little is not enough in the quilting world? Are there set rules? Opinions are welcome.

The other design that I have been working on is the Nashville Quilt (my husband does know now so not a secret anymore). He liked the preliminary design that I had laid out. I have sewn all the red borders and am now making loads of 1 1/2″ squares to go between the blocks. I have hand-drawn a design on graph paper and worked things out but it doesn’t always go to plan. If working on your own designs how do you plan the quilt?

Well that is all for now, happy stitching



4 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing 30th Jan 2022

  1. Your little bee themed blocks look so cute! As for the quilting, it depends on the size and the use of the piece. If this will go a bed or be drug around as a little one’s better friend, I would go around the fairies, but maybe in something more neutral, depending on how it looks. If it’s a wall hanging, I doubt it matters.


  2. lovely projects there Daisy.
    As for quilting, I agree with Kathy that it all depends what the fairy quilt is to become. If it’s going to be a wall-hanging quilting just tthe squre & circle outline should be enough. If it’s for a snuggle quilt that’s going to be washed frequently, it might need denser quilting.


  3. I really love that variegated thread that you are going to use for quilting. Sophia is looking great and I really like those bee blocks. Enjoy your stitching!


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