Spring is here – 2022

Hello Everybody

I haven’t done a garden update for what seems like ages, so here are loads of photos of wildlife and flowers amongst the various trees in our garden. I like knowing that we are doing our bit to help the wildlife, especially the bees. Very large bumble bees love the Pieris forest flame flowers – some with white bums some with yellow. Can you see his little wings in the second frame?

My husband refurbished this jackdaw (which he purchased last halloween) with some black Hammerite paint – it has a nice sheen to it. The robin pays no attention to it and blatantly sits on his head – bold as brass!

Rhododendrum buds awaiting to burst and Camelia bud just opening.

Photinia – Crispy Pink and Pieris – Forest Flame in full bloom.

Last but not least – an “arty” photo of our palm tree

Well that is all for now.



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