Blue skies, Birdsong and Bats

Hi Everyone

Hope you have all enjoyed the Easter Holidays. The weather in my part of old Blighty has been most enjoyable. Small jobs have got done in the garden, today I was on pond cleaning duties which is quite smelly as the water had gone very green and it reminded me of a seaweed estuary. It was very satisfying when completed. Birds do not seem to mind the horrible water and we had one frog which I rescued and he hopped away – hope he comes back. Anyway at 9:30 this morning I took the following photograph and there was a bright rainbow halo to the sun – does this have a special name?

Also the fern is beginning to unfurl – they look so mysterious

And to end a pretty picture in pink

That is the pond before being cleaned.

Bye for now

Sorry forgot to mention that we have a blackbird nesting and a robin nesting as well as the return of the bats or rather they came from their roosting site because of the warmer weather. They whizz around the garden faster than Lewis Hamilton (not quite sure on that fact) but they are delightful to watch. Do you have any unusual creatures visit your garden?

Daisy x


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