Sewing Sunday and more …

Hello Everyone

Another Bank Holiday – yippee!

As you will see from the photo below I have managed to put in a few stitches for Sophia amongst the other sewing projects I have on the go.

And now ….

My husband is really pleased how she is developing.

I have also been sewing various blocks of “Memoirs” quilt. Here are some photos – this is not the layout just a scattering of the blocks.

As well as sewing I have now taken up the hobby of Scrapbooking. I received a Scrap Book for Christmas. In truth it is not a new hobby as I have always kept a journal of my holidays and typed up the details and put them in a scrap book with entry tickets to various museums, archaeological sites, airplane tickets etc etc. This new book will contain collected recipes, ideas in magazines that I want to try, favourite books, music, artworks and crafts that I like. Basically things that pique my interest and things about me.

Doing this has certainly diminished the amount of magazines I had stored. I purchased the papers online from “The Mad Scrapper” and am sticking the items with a Crafters Companion glue reel and also using stickers I purchased from Amazon along with some lace designed washi tape. It is quite good fun and a little similar to patchwork just a different medium.

Hope you enjoy the holiday if living in good old Blighty!

That’s all from me

Daisy x


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