Other Sewing etc.


We have just had the upstairs outside windows and soffit boards painted (hottest weekend of the year – I know – but it was booked). Painter was a very nice gentleman. This was the first time that my husband had to concede that he could no longer climb the ladder and feel safe. My bird , Hetty, had to temporarily live downstairs which she wasn’t so happy about and screamed a lot, her sleeping habit was disturbed, and she awoke very grumpy and bit me. Definitely a weekend of me being wounded.

Onto the sewing – I have achieved a fair bit on Sophia – see pictures



It is slowly coming together.

On that note I shall sign off and get stitching


Daisy x


2 thoughts on “Other Sewing etc.

  1. Beautiful stitching. It has been hot here too, 90’s to 100’s and we have a red flag warning for the rest of the week, and a warning for bad air from the No CA fires. Hope you have a great week!


  2. This piece is so pretty. I imagine the counting takes quilt some time. I love that floss color. Enjoy your stitching!


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