Birthday and sewing

Hello Everybody

It was my birthday on Thursday and received some lovely presents and flowers. The roses are a vibrant orange- (I’m not a red roses type of girl)-and they matched the freesias just so. See photos.

Fiery Frothy Flowers

I have already started reading The Red Queen. Anyone else like Philippa Gregory?

I have also been painting the bathroom, I am okay with the emulsion paint but the smell of gloss paint really gets to me. Luckily it is not a lot of gloss work. Everything looks lovely and fresh and clean – for a while anyway.

Aside from that venture, I have been sewing quite a lot really and have done a mini happy dance as I have finished the patchwork on the Parrot Quilt and have sorted a backing and the wadding. Today I have removed the majority of the paper pieces (a long laborious job but necessary) and have pin basted it . See photos.

I really enjoyed designing and making this quilt, although I have to admit changing my mind about the background 3 times. As it turned out I had just enough of the red flowery material. It was my first time using Batik fabric and is by far the brightest coloured palette I have used.

I also used the spare wadding to make some table mats and table runners with some material recently purchased. The tops are from the Under the Hedgerow Panel and the backing fabric is a mix of Unruly Nature (Golden colour) and Practical Magic Meadow Linen. See Photos

There is also a Squirrel with the golden fabric backing and a Rabbit with the meadow linen fabric backing. These are awaiting quilting.

Well that is all for this post, see you on Sunday for our update on the HQAL.


Daisy x


8 thoughts on “Birthday and sewing

  1. Very impressive. Still love the quilt lap blanket u made for me. Keep it on the back of my chair but will be used daily when the cold weather sets in. Glad u had a good birthday as well.


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