Sewing Time

Hi Everyone

I have found myself pondering things a lot of late, maybe it was the passing of another birthday and the Queen dying. However, I am not Maudling just thinking. Life goes on and so does lots of stitching. I have put a fair few stitches into Sophia and this is how she looks now …….

The first part of her hair is quite tedious as there are lots of colour changes but I can equal it by just sewing black sections. She is progressing nicely even though sometimes I wonder at the thread colour choices but it all seems to blend. I still get that feeling that she is watching me like I did with Audrey. Here is a reminder of Audrey – I think they would look good hung together on our wall.

I do have another image sew and that it is John Wayne (The Duke) – my favourite cowboy. (I love cowboy/indian films and as a teenager my book choice was all about The Daltons Gang, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, etc etc). Each to their own eh!

I bought this from Steven Shaw of and then I will have to purchase the threads as listed. This will eventually hang beside the Indian Chief in our lounge. I don’t think I will use black aida maybe a blue aida or cream aida.

Reminder of Indian Chief …..

Well that is me for this post, take care

Daisy x


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