SAL – 9th October 2022

Hello Everyone

I love Autumn – all the lovely leaves coloured from amber through to plum red, berries on trees awaiting the birds feast, low mists hanging languidly over fields and a certain change in the air. Time to change the wardrobe – nice warm woolly jumpers and leggings. etc etc.

Inside time to swap over to sewing the quilts after a long very hot summer. According to the economic climate we will need them. Two ladies at work have gone down with Covid so had to work all week , therefore downtime for sewing was hugely reduced, however, I have made some more progress with my “Fruits of Plenty” – still loving the colours and enjoying it.

Here is where I was last time

Here is where I am now

Just a little bit left and then I can proceed to the other side, I think I am going to leave the centre until last.

That’s me done so why not grab a hot drink and visit the links below to see how much progress our members have achieved over the past three weeks.






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