Sewing Sunday

I have been busy these past few days starting something new (again!!!) and continuing with other projects.

The new start is my “Pemberley Quilt” which is a mix of cross stitch, a quilted panel, and a re-hash of the original Jane Austen Panel. It will also incorporate some material from the range by Riley Blake Designs called “Pemberley” by citrus and mint designs. Here are a few photos of my basic design at the moment (you know me it will probably change).

I love how the colours of the surrounds pick out the ones in the cross stitch. This is a lot easier to stitch than the dark colours on the HQAL that I participate in. (i.e Nashville Quilt)

The other project which has occupied my time is my “Memoirs Quilt”. Once again sewing little squares.

Again muted colours.

Well that is it – time to stitch.



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