SAL – 22nd January 2023

Hi Everyone

Firstly, I hope Helen is feeling better.

I have been cross-stitching like crazy and have achieved quite a bit on My Modern Folk Embroidery this session. So without further ado, here is where I was last time – these are more like the true colours.

And this is my progress,

Sorry for tone of lighting, but is a very foggy damp day outside, so tone of light bulb makes it appear quite antique looking.

Hopefully next time I will be scrolling up. Remember I am doing the central panel last.

We are a small group of stitchers who work on individual pieces so why grab a beverage and peruse the links listed below. Happy Stitching!






12 thoughts on “SAL – 22nd January 2023

  1. Beautiful and neat as always. I recently found out of a technique called railroading and have been trying it out since on the corner of my carrousel horse. Is this how you get it to lie so flat or purely the frame ? I’m curious


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