So happy with sewing …..

Hello Everyone

I have been on holiday from the paid job for a week and have really buckled down and got on with the job. So I am feeling so happy with my sewing, having achieved quite bit on the cross-stitching front and the patchwork/quilting agenda.

So here we go ………

First up is the cross stitch – just a quick mention for the work I have put in on my SAL which will be shown on Sunday in another blog.

Secondly – Sophia is looking gorgeous, she is now complete on the hair and the upper part of her face with just a little around her nose and mouth and the head will be complete. still a lot more to sew but I have made the decision to cut the bottom piece out of the design.

I have rolled it up a little so there is more hair than shown. (Husband really likes it, by the way!!!)

Thirdly – My Jane Austen Quilt has had a lot of attention and below are the pictures to demonstrate how she will be laid out. I have cut out all the shapes required now and three of the side panel blocks are sewn together along with four corner blocks and some interim panels. The centre panel is now complete. Here are the photos ….. oops slight misplacement on last block on right hand side (good job that isn’t sewn together).

I have also been quilting “the Nashville Quilt” for my husband but again pictures and write up will follow in another blog.

Finally – I have also been adding a few lines to the “Memoirs Quilt” side panel area. Those rows on the left within the clips are now sewn together.

On top of all this I went to visit mum and helped her sort the backing for the fairy quilt she has been constructing (my design judged on her idea.) I get to do the mathematics and help cut the material since she had her fall and broke her wrist, it is not as strong as once was.

All the border is complete now and with the backing sewn together she will start quilting it. It is going to look gorgeous on her bed when complete. Now I have to say goodbye as she has given me some more maths to do and ideas to get onto graph paper.

Bye for now and thanks for reading, your support is everything.



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