MayDay Monday

Hello Everybody

This is going to be a bit of a mixed blog – for sewing, gardening and reading.

Where did April Go. It’s May 1st and the weather is inclement still, although I took advantage of a pleasant day on Sunday to clean the pond out. Another job ticked off the gardening to-do list.

Onto the sewing, I have finished the “Jane Austen Quilt” top, removed the paper pieces, batted and backed. Really pleased with this.

This is previous photo (as I forgot to photograph the completed quilt when I laid it out on the bed). I have absolutely no idea how I am going to quilt this yet.

I have also been beavering away at my Sophia Loren cross stitch and have made the decision not to do all the pattern. Here is a photo of where I am at the moment.

Now onto my current reading material. I really like Phiippa Gregory as an author, her writing is profound, well researched and her characters are almost tangible in their happiness, grief, life and death etc. This is a trilogy that I am reading and have completed the first book, Tidelands and now I am nearly finished the second book – Dark Tides and then onto the last book – Dawnlands.

I have also been reading “Miss Benson’s Beetle” which was a thoroughly entertaining book. Rachel Joyce is another author that I really admire and creates very believable characters. Sometimes cried, sometimes guffawed out loud. Jolly Good Read,

Well that is me, thanks for reading, take care.



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