Fun Friday in the Garden

Hi Everybody

Yesterday was a glorious day for gardening, my job was to cut the back hedge which is Winter Jasmine, such a lovely smell, my other favourite is Honeysuckle (liquid honey in a flower – gorgeous). What is your favourite?

Today it is drizzling with rain now (1:30pm), but it was just sun/clouds earlier so I decided to refurbish the garden ornaments. Using some Sampler pots that I purchased from the hardware store where I work and a drop of Nail Varnish for his beak. (Notice I said “his” – yes those who follow my blog will know that I’m in the habit of naming inanimate object so he is Rodney and the tortoise in the image below is Tornado (anything but a whilwind)).

Here are the before and after photos of my mornings’ work.



And for good measure, a rear view …

Well that is it, fun over. Now it is raining I am back to my quilting and cross stitch.

Bye for now and thanks for stopping by.



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