Friday W.I.P update

Hi Everybody

I’m still fighting this horrible bug but have been to work and now it is Friday and I can show you how much stitching and knitting has also been achieved.

First up, knitting the khaki cardigan, another 2 inches no less!

1st image 21st January –  2nd image 1st February 2019

Secondly a work in progress for the Jane Austen Quote.

My initial start and the progress I have made to date.

I have a query though.  In the image below which is the original project diagram, do you notice that there is no “J” in the alphabet.  Well here are my thoughts:

One, is the “J” missing because there is not a “J” included anyway in the quote, and only found in the name, book title and date.

Two, is it an omission by mistake?

I think I can remedy it and put the “J” in by moving other letters out a bit.

Has anyone else stitched this design?

Should I let Riverdrift House Designs know?

Well that’s all for now, apart from thank you to anyone who responds to this pondering.

Bye for now!





One thought on “Friday W.I.P update

  1. Beautiful progress on both pieces!
    It is a normal question about missing letters, specialy in old samplers.”J” and “U” they were not part of the early Latin alphabet (the letter “I” was used for “J” and the “V” for “U”). I believe that the designer just try to incorporate in the same sampler some old elements like the missing “J”. Happy weekend, Daisy!


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