Friday 1st Feb – It snowed today

Hi everyone

This is Hetty here – I am nice and toasty in my cage and I can see that the ground is covered in that nasty cold white stuff – SNOW!!!  (I really feel for my fellow kinsman – luckily there are a number of humans who are so kind and provide food and water, and even provide some cover from the chilly wind with the planting of trees and bushes).

It is only 4cm or so and has already melted in some parts.  My mummy took early photos before anyone had moved it or trampled over it.  It does look Christmassy again  –  see below:

Feb 1st Snow 1

Also in this close up there is a Robin on his perch in the picture below –  look about 1-2″ across the bottom and 3″ up.

Feb 1st Snow Robin

Did you spot the Robin?

He was soon down for the food!

Bye for now!




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