Something new is a foot …….

Hi Everybody,

Sounds mysterious doesn’t it ….. well it is only that I am venturing into the world of patchwork quilts.  This is something very new to me to actually stitch, although I have made up a design before and my mother stitched it together.

I have several designs sketched out on graph paper but the one I am attempting first is called “The Bee Quilt”.  I have already cut out all the squares for half of the design and laid the pattern out – see below:-

My intention is to have the bee cross stitch as the centrepiece and border it with the lavender fabric then patchwork around that.

Stayed tuned for updates ….

On another subject, I have not ignored my cross stitch and below is an image of how far I am with the Jane Austen quote.  (Many thanks to Lili from for updating me on the alphabet situation.)  I have decided to stitch the design as it is.

Jane Austen Quote 8th Feb

Well that is all my news this week.

Bye for now


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