Friday Round-up


Hello Everybody,

As you can see from the above I have been busy stitching – I am quite pleased with how this is looking and already planning what type of frame would suit all the colours.  I am veering towards a mahogany colour.

Also along the lines of my new project – the Bee Quilt – I have also had another idea and have proceeded to purchase the material required for my “Stag Quilt”.  Having received the stash of material, I promptly cut it up to the desired sizes.  Below are a series of pictures depicting how it should look when completed.   The 1st picture is a corner image with the border, the 2nd is further down the quilt showing the border and main quilt pattern, 3rd and 4th are closer images.

stag-quilt-2.jpgStag Quilt 1Stag Quilt 3Stag Quilt 4

I quite like planning and cutting out the quilt pieces, but as this is new to me I find myself nervous of actually sewing them together.  Once I have taken the plunge then I will be fine.  If  I am honest I feel the nervousness every time I start a new project.  It is a happy nervousness so no worries!  In my head and on paper I have drawn out about 10 designs.

The knitting hasn’t altogether been forgotten, I have knitted about another inch on the  back of the cardigan.

At work I have been sewing some of the Christmas Stash so hopefully will show you a finished bauble soon, and also started one of the bookmarks I mentioned some time last year.

Well that’s all folks

See you next post (possibly Sunday)



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