WIP Lady Greensleeves and a Finish

Hi everybody

Hope everyone is well and happy stitching or perhaps gardening, in our gorgeous sunny day  in England, spring is arriving.

I have been busy with other projects (see previous posts) but I have not neglected my long project that is Lady Greensleeves.

lady greensleeves - left hand side

This is the previous version – and now ……..Lady greensleeves - in detail

I have mainly concentrated on the area around her hair and the corner/edge area.

And now – I have finished reading my first book. It is a historical novel woven around the true facts of our royal history.  I first read her Wideacre trilogy in my 20’s and have completed 5 novels in her Plantagenet/Tudor novels.


Well that is all my work so far.

Thanks for stopping by…

Toodle Pip!



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