Monday mash up

This is something new – nothing on a Sunday but now I have some news.  I am off work this week and what a gorgeous week it is at the moment.  Two things are happening – we are having new stair and landing area carpet fitted on Wednesday, so had to remove the old one with its underlay, which my husband and I done on Sunday.  We also took it to the local tip.  Monday, my husband and I removed a huge amount of elder and ivy which had become top heavy in the hedge at the back of the garden.  My husband had worried that it would fall across our garden, ruining the fence and shrubs, in the recent strong winds that battered Britain.  Having gained permission from the local farmer as it is his hedge to his field, we chopped and sawed, unfortunately had to remove the pidgeons nest (1 cold egg in it).  Before and after pictures below.  When it was all bagged up my husband took them to the tip as well.  Job well done.  (now we both have aching backs).


The large picture is the before ………. and the other 2 pictures reveal the trees in the distant gardens and the shape now.  We had 8 bags of clippings.


Celebration – It is our 10th Wedding Anniversay on Wednesday.

wedding cake picture


I will post again about sewing etc.

Bye for now.




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