I love this season – everything beginning to bud and advanced buds swelling ready to burst forth with abundant colours.  Also the very verdant young leaves on trees and the farmer’s fields in all shades of green and yellow in the case of the rape seed.  And then there are the fantastic sunsets with fingers of colour displayed across the sky, turning the fluffy white clouds shades of yellow, ochre and red.

Here are some pictures of the growth in our garden:

Our Rhododendron – shocking pink flowers will burst open in April.

Photinia – Crispy Pink has these beautiful pink leaves which eventually darken and turn into the variegated leaves.  Isn’t Mother Nature clever.

I love yellow flowers.  This is Cowslip and the other is the rather dependable Pansy.  They are so cheery.

spring 2019 3

This is Camellia (who we have named as Camilla).  She produces beautiful large pink / red blooms.  We have her in a pot of ericaceous soil which is immersed in the raised bed.  Our soil is not kind to these plants or Rhododendrons.

Last but by no means least, the Pieris -Forest Flame, which I am so proud of –

It is the first blossom in our garden and she is totally cloaked in these tubular or bell like cream flowers.  The Bumble Bees – we saw two large bees on these flowers today.  I like Bees.  Look how blue the sky was today.  I have just fed the Forest Flame with some Sulphate of Iron as the leaves looked a little tired after this magnificent display.

Well hope you like this little view of my world.  I am a Virgo so maybe it helps with all my tender care.





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