Wednesday – what’s gone down

Hi everyone,

Well the item that has gone down is our new stair and landing carpet.  Two men and one hour later it was finished.  It’s so spongy – gorgeous.

Onto other news – I have been busy during my week off work, apart from the subjects in my previous post, and much sewing has been achieved. First up I have sewed the top half and bottom half of the Bee Quilt.  This is my first attempt, and although some seams didn’t match exactly I’m quite pleased with my effort.  Beauty in imperfections will be my stance.  It is also a learning curve – I have learnt little things as I have sewed.

Top Half


As you can see I have also been stitching the centre piece.

Also you know I purchased three storage boxes well I liked the way they held my sewing so much I treated myself to another three.

I have also started sewing together the central area of the Beachcomber Quilt.  They are in squares of four (not to deceive you into thinking it was all sewn together – that would be too adventurous).


I have also finished cutting the squares for the Pirate Quilt, The Sewing Quilt and the Jazz Quilt which will have two cross stitch pictures inserted in the central section.  Quick Preview below:

Pirate quilt



new layout to use 2

new layout to use 3

Jazz Quilt


Scraps of material just show the colours I have used as the surround.

I was thinking of making a surround in black for the pictures and then an outer surround of cream.

What does anybody think?

Also what type of wadding does anyone particularly like using?  The Jazz Quilt will probably be a wall hanging so I know that doesn’t need to be as thick.

Let me know your ideas?









2 thoughts on “Wednesday – what’s gone down

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, I love the chance of meeting someone new and seeing what they are up to, so I have been having a sneeky peek at your most recent posts. It goes without saying that I will love Lady Greensleeves, being a cross stitch addict but though I am not a sewer or quilter I adore the Jazz Quilt. So very different to the other quilts I have seen around and love the idea of a central cross stitch piece I look forward to seeing this one as a finished piece. Helen x


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