New Books

As this was the last day of my week  from paid work, my husband and I went to one of our favourite bakeries for a lunch time treat and next door is a favourite book shop.  I can never resist going in – I love the smell of books.  Kindle is not for me (at the moment!)

The first new books I bought were both on the subject of reverting back to basics and helping Mother Nature in the best possible way.

new books - 31st march 2019

Should be interesting and inspiring.

The other books were published as I done the food shop at our local supermarket.  They will be a quicker read – perhaps take to work for lunchtime.  Quite diverse in there subject though.

Easy reads March 31st

I keep thinking about going to the Hay Book Festival – never been, but I would probably have to take an empty rucksack because I would definitely buy books.  Maybe some time in the future.

That’s all, I am now going to start reading.  Thanks for stopping by.




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