A little bit of this and that …

Hi everybody,

Well this week has been busy – back to work Monday  – and then friends over for Fish and Chips on Thursday evening – had a good laugh.  Felt rough on Friday – just the normal headache problem and nausea, had a restful day.

Little bit of sewing achieved on Lady Greensleeves and some progress on the back stitching for the Bee Design that is the centre piece of my Bee Quilt.  Finally finished the back  stitching on Sunday Morning and here is the finish.Finished Centrepiece

I’ve now pinned it to some lavender fabric and intend to sew around the design with some lilac thread in little crosses and then maybe fray the ends.  That idea may change.  My intention is to use poppers to secure this part to the main quilt, so that I can remove it if there is cause to wash the quilt.

Knitting – nothing achieved on that front.

6 Quilts cut out and ready to be sewn together.  No pressure there!!!

Well that is all for now.







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