Birdy Bytes

Hi there, Hetty here

Well you will never guess what – I turn 15 on the 23rd April – and my human mummy is looking to spoil me.  I know that she has already bought me some new toys to destroy – I mean play with.

I’m not sure about this but I feel rather sleepy today – maybe it is the dull weather we are having at the moment in the UK.  Mummy has let me out of the cage and whilst I had a little fly around; (I am fully flighted you see as my human does not believe in cutting my flight feathers – some people do this to prevent accidents like flying at full speed into a window etc)  I am used to the layout of my room and circled it several times landing on the copper lamp shade.  All I really wanted was to nuzzle and sleep on mummy – see pictures


Lazy days!  Life is good!  Roll on sunny weather so I can visit the garden, listen to my fellow brethren tweeting with joy.

Bye for now!

Peck Peck





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