Bee centrepiece

Well hello!

I have finished stitching the bee cross stitch to some lilac fabric – see below – and now just have to attach the lavender fabric to make the centre square.  Then I can attach the outside patchwork squares to make the middle section complete.  After that I can stitch the sections together and the front of the quilt will be complete.

bee centre piece sewn on

Not been able to sew due to illness (see previous post) so hopefully will get back to this soon.

As an aside – Did you know that bees only see in ultra-violet!  And that they head for blue flowers.  I didn’t – isn’t nature fascinating, rewarding and there is so much to learn.

More bee facts: –   There are 267 species of bees in the British Isles.  225 types of solitary bees – fend for themselves and raise their own young.  19 species of Bumblebee , eight types are common to our gardens.  Also different bees emit different levels of buzzing – either higher or lower on the musical scale.  Fascinating!

Shall I buzz off now!




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