Projects – Art by nature

Hi Everyone

Well my week started off bad – health wise I suffered a major migraine with total numbness down my right-hand side – it’s called hemiplygic migraine – and totally debilitating.  After the headache had receded and my arm came back into use (Tuesday) I could achieve some sewing and read a little.  My leg stayed numb all week but I did go back to work Thursday and Friday am.  By Saturday the pins and needles feeling had subsided and I was able to get about our property without the aid of the crutch – just limping a little so as not to put too much pressure on that leg.

To stay relaxed I decided to try my hand at fabric pen art.  I had purchased some fabric with a view to trying this new means of creativity.  Having first coloured in a somewhat psychedelic floral pattern – see below:

coloured flowers

I then tried my hand at colouring the piece with owls on.

owls plain

Now which Owl is your favourite:

owls orange

The Tawny Orange Eyed Owl

owls purple

The Blue Tailed Purple Owl

owls peacock

or  The Peacock Owl

Let me know which one you like.

See other post for more news.



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