Hetty’s Birthday

hetty-sunbathing-2.jpgHi there, Hetty here – sunning myself.

It’s my Birdday  23rd April – I know that is tomorrow but mummy is back to work tomorrow-  (birthday for birds) – I am 15 years old and can be quite the naughty teenager.  Hopefully if it is not too breezy my human mummy says that I can go outside in my cage in this nice sunny Easter Break.  I have a harness but progress in me wearing this is slow – can not get used to it yet and so I have to stay in my cage when outside as I am fully flighted and get spooked easily – do not want to loose my mummy through flying away and getting lost.

Now for my presents:-

Birthday present 15th B'Day 2

I have one of those wheelie things in my cage but have shredded most if it.  That other one looks fun and chewable he! he!  And I spy food yummy!!!

Birthday present 15th B'Day 1

Ahh!  new toy making parts and some new rope for my rope ladder swing.  Yippee!!!!


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