Easter presents


Hope everybody had a lovely Easter Break – mine was quiet and peaceful, and enjoyed the sunny weather.

As you know I suffer migraine headaches and one of the major allergies that go with that is being allergic to chocolate.  Therefore, the Easter Egg thing has never really enthralled me.  My husband bought me some flowers instead – well to be correct I chose them – he paid.  I got him a little Lindt Easter Bunny as he already had some Cadbury’s Cream Eggs and a large Easter Egg from his daughter.  See pictures below:

easter flowers 1

I love the frothy fragility of gypsophelia (is that how you spell it) and the little  creamy white roses are tinged with green.  They are so tightly packed waiting to unfurl.

And here are my Husband’s presents:

Easter chocs 1

Well that is all for now.  Going to do some sewing before the Holiday has passed.



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