Friday Funday

Hi everyone

Hope your Friday has been ok – mine has been rather busy.  Awoke quite early and proceeded with stitching Lady Greensleeves, then done some colouring of the owls.  My husband has repaired the window frame to the rear of the property and also repaired the door fresh hold leading outside.  Then we went grocery shopping and I had to get some bird food and sanding sheets for her cage.

After a very nice chicken burger meal in Burger King we returned home , packed the groceries away, and then I washed the car – not the way hubby would have done it but at least it looks cleaner – no doubt it will rain shortly judging by the gloomy clouds that have appeared.

Now I am sewing up the squares of the “Beside the Sea Quilt” and they are either in 4’s or 2’s so fair progress in that quarter.

I also have news of a new start – this time it is Audrey Hepburn – I hope I do her justice.

She is my favourite.  Does anyone know of an image for Sophia Loren?  – my husband worships her.  Also perhaps one for “The Duke” John Wayne?

Finally some more unfurling pictures in our garden


The ferns look a bit weird at the start –  to the point where my husband thought something odd was growing on the rhododendron – I assured him they were the young fern fronds.  Sure enough 3 days later and they are growing upwards.  (Little Shop of Horrors – plant in that film comes to mind)


This how it looked 2 weeks ago

closed rhododendren

and now after the hot weekend we had over Easter

open rhododendren

and finally this is Rodney our Runner

duck – hubby will not let me have real ones.


Well that’s all folks





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