Just Because …..


Today is a gorgeous sunny blue sky day in East England, and to celebrate Mother Nature here are some before and after pictures of development in our little bit of the Earth.

Maple Tree then …….

trees 3

and now

burnished maple tree

I love the burnished colour of these leaves.

Below – I tried to take an artistic shot of the campanula – I like how the light is shining on the petals and also managed to get the rain drops.  It had rained in the night quite hard.

campanula rain and sun

Then I pruned or deflowered the Pieris Forest Flame ready for new red leaves to appear which then turn to pale green.

In full bloom

and now ……


Does it not look a little sorry for its self?

And now wishful thinking ….. I would love to have a Dachshund – prefer the wire haired breed or the smooth tan coloured dogs.  Husband doesn’t want the responsibility whilst I am still at work.  But I can dream …..


These pictures were in a magazine but I could not resist taking a picture – look at their little happy intelligent faces.

That’s all for today – hope it made you smile.




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