New finds and WIP’s

Hi everybody,

Well I have a few days of from work and apart from helping my husband with a few jobs in the garden I have some time to stitch and sew.  I am still making progress with Lady Greensleeves and Audrey is coming along nicely.  I am going to try and finish the project I was stitching at work – Carmen.  And having had a tidy up around the sewing area I have decided to start some new projects.

Firstly, and in no particular order of preference, there are two small projects (I might take these as dinner hour projects at work) which I intend to be presents,

new start piggy and penquin

So cute!!!!!

Secondly, I am going to stitch something which includes bead work.  I am quite fond of Dreamcatchers, and the colours in this particular one appeal to me, and I like the sentiment.

dreamcatcher with beads

Also going to stitch something I have had for about three years and haven’t even looked at it.  As I like farm animals – I like these portraits.  The other stitchwork is because I play the saxophone and trumpet.  I would like to learn the piano and once had a go on a double base but I was quite small at school and the instrument was just too big.  It’s quite a funny memory really!  It is strange what triggers memories that lie hidden in the depths of the brain, don’t you think?

new startsApart from sifting through the piles of cross stitch that I now have – I have sewn together some more patchwork pieces for the Beachcomber/Beside the Sea quilt and the top part of the Pirate quilt in blocks of 4.  (no pictures yet – see Sunday’s post)

And finally, a more relaxing pursuit – colouring the butterflies – progress made

butterflies - WIP

Trust me – it is relaxing!

Thank you for reading – take care of yourself







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