Finish and a Start or two

Hi Everybody,

It’s raining outside so gives me time to do a little sewing.  I have indeed been busy on that front and as promised in a previous post I have taken some pictures of my efforts.

Firstly some surrounds to two separate quilts

The Beachcomber surround is the beach huts and harbour utilities.

beach surround

Sorry about picture quality.

Next the Pirate Quilt surround

pirate quilt surround in 2's

And now for the finish (fifth one this year) – it is Carmen in all her glory.

carmen finished may 18th

Carmen on the left and Maude on the right.  Both are from Classic Embroidery designed by Jill Cater-Nixon.

I love doing Blackwork – there are so many different patterns.  I might make up my own Sampler in blackwork – should be fun!

Here are some close up shots of their heads and skirts.  (PS I added the remaining beads to Carmens hair – not on original and also added some blue metallic thread to her shoe – not on Original design.)




Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Bye for now

Daisy  x



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