Tuesday turn-around

Hi everybody

Sorry the title sounds a little cryptic – but what it means is out with the old and in with the new as far as our garden is concerned.

It is my last day off work and yesterday I helped Husband trim the back hedge being very careful not to disturb the robin on its nest of 3 eggs.  Also we removed all the pansies from the little raised bed into one pot keeping the best ones and disposing of the others.

garden 1

Today we visited the local garden centre, purchased our chosen varieties and some that I haven’t tried before.  Returning home – we began planting.  The raised bed was to have Geraniums – Mixed colours at the back (they do not mind if it gets a little dry) and in front we planted African Marigolds in Vanilla.   The lavender we purchased last year is in full bloom.garden 5

The little area in front of the shed was to have French Marigolds and I moved some of the purple coloured pansies to the right around the trunk of the palm type tree – which by the way coming into flower.

Lobelia was planted in the Pieris Forest Flame pot and 3 marigolds and also in the Rhododendron pot just to add some colour in later summer.  The fern has unfuled beautifully.

garden 7

Along the side fence I planted Nemesia in Banana Split and Sapphire Blue.  I’ve not tried this plant before so we shall have to wait and see.

Finally I took a picture of my Oak Tree which we moved recently and the root had grown through the bottom of the pot and we had to break it off.  I thought that maybe we had lost it but it has performed as normal so far, so touch wood, it survives.

garden 9

Now we are exhausted and I am going to do some sewing.  The ironing will just have to wait!

Bye for now.




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