New – Small Project

Hi Everybody

Do you remember I recently purchased some small material bundles from a trip to a retail park well I have just cut one up and made 4 x tablemats (well that is what they will be when I have finished them).  At the moment I have just designed and cut out the pattern.  The centre is a Pinwheel Block- and I have to give a huge shout out to Bekki  @Dartmoor Yarns for showing everyone how to do a quick pinwheel block on her blog.(The Quick and Easy Pinwheel Block Method –  18th April 2019).  I am new to patchwork but have a very curious mind so do not mind trying new things.

Which one is your favourite?

Now some photos – none of it is sewn together yet.

This ………….

Became these ……….





Well, that is all for this post – thank you for stopping by.




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