Sewing Sunday & Machine Monday

Hi Everybody,

Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday in England, weather is inclement as usual.

Well I have been busy cross stitching and have moderate success on both Lady Greensleeves and Audrey.  Also couldn’t resist starting a new project.

May 11th 2019

May 11th 2019

May 25th 2019

May 25th 2019


May 25th 2019

New Project

feather May 25th 2019

Now onto some machine sewing.  I have been working on the pirate quilt and it is nearly complete, the middle section is sewn together and the top and bottom parts are sewn together.  The top border is complete and it is just the bottom border to sew together.  Then the hard part of putting the base the inner padding and the top together. (No pictures yet).  I will probably just quilt in the ditches.

However, I have had another idea and that is to either sew a patchwork pillowcase or table runner.  Picture of my idea:

Well that is me done.  Thanks for reading




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