Fabulous flowers …… and sewing

Hi Everybody

Summer Sun is glorious.

Well the garden is coming on in leaps and bounds – everything is bursting into bloom.  Yellow Roses, with their heavenly sent as you approach the house.  Yellow Jasmine oozing a perfume where we sit in the chairs.  Oh it is so lovely.  My heart goes out to those who have suffered flooding from our unpredictable weather.

yellow roses 2019

Here are some pictures …..

I cannot take credit for how the lawn looks that is my husband’s pride and joy, he also trims all the hedges and feeds the plants.  He is retired and it keeps him out of mischief!!

Meanwhile I have been busy sewing – making good progress with my Seasonal Graduation Quilt – see below – everything in the colourways has been basted and some have been sewn together.  I changed the blue column with different fabric to a previous post.  I think this works better.  Now for the white infills and black edging.


Season Graduation Quilt 2019

I also have finished another book.  It was quite an easy read – the sort you can read just before bedtime or it would make a great beach read.  Will definitely read some more of her work.


Here is the rear cover – it will give you a synopsis of the book.


Last but not least here is a photo of some new stash – I must stop now!  I should finish some of my projects before buying anything new.  That’s me told, but are not the colours delightful – can not wait to think up the design for this – I have some ideas already – must put pencil to graph paper.  oh joy!!!!!!

New Stash - little forest creatures

Well that is all for now – hope you all have a lovely weekend.






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